Literally. Chilly Cheeks has the perfect solution for your next fundraiser.  No money down, no inventory, and the easiest sale ever.  Offer comfort up for sale with your own coupon code and watch the money roll in.

Chilly Cheeks is the outdoor seat cover that cools when it’s hot and warms when it’s not. Three different styles to fit most outdoor seating venues from bleachers to folding chairs to golf carts and more. These simple designs are portable and enhance every outdoor experience, whatever the weather. They are equipped with an oversized, medical-grade gel pack that can be frozen or microwaved for hours of comfort at your next home game, tailgating party, or any outdoor adventure.

Set-up your fundraiser today in no time at all.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.  Call us, select your coupon code, and then pass the information along to your supporters. We’ll keep track of the rest and send you a check for the proceeds. And not just ‘little’ proceeds either, we pay 40% from each purchase price to your favorite cause and it is really as easy and comfortable as that. Finally, sell them something they will really thank you for and use year-after-year.

Call today and let’s get started.  You know who wants to support you and we know how to make them stay for the final play of the game.  Together, we can bring comfort to your favorite fans and money to your travel/scholarship/fundraising funds. 1-844-4CHEEKS or 844-424-3357