Frisco, TX is a sports town.  We’ve got it all.  Even if you don’t live here, chances are you live in a sports town too.  Kids have organized sports, we have recreational whatevers.  My personal preference is golf and like all weekend sports warriors; we get a thing here or there occasionally.  Some last longer than others and I’ve had my share of shots and other treatments to take care of these painful bits.  Here are a few of my favorite and I be there’s one or two on this list worth trying.  Spring season is here… let there be sports!

Cryo Saunas – these whole-body chambers use harmless dry cold therapy, as opposed to an ice bath, supplying similar recovery.  These are now used regularly by top-level athletes to give them an edge by shortened recovery time.  They can train harder and maximize performance.  They are available at standalone centers and should work for us every day folks too.  Check out the many benefits for yourself.

Theraputic Gel Packs – Chilly Cheeks outdoor seat covers are portable cooling and warming seat covers that have something special inside.  Yes, they work to keep you comfortable outdoors for all sorts of spectator events but the true gift is in the seat cover pocket.  It is the largest medical-grade hot/cold gel pack on the market.  That means that you can enjoy hours of hot or cold therapy on even your biggest pains. Right now you can score a 10% discount off your first Chilly Cheeks purchase here:

Massage – there is nothing like a good massage and any good massage therapist will become your best friend when entering a new sports season.  Give the trainees a try, there are generally places where a cheap massage can be had by a budding professional and it’s worth giving them a go.  I’m in love with a guy at my local Sienna Massage but shop around and find one you like.  It will make a difference and ease big pains as well as discourage new ones.

Compression Wear – comfortable compression apparel and accessories help to relieve life’s aches and pains. They call it Wearable Wellness and now I do too. From stiffness and soreness to muscle repair, wearing the right compression gear supports your tendons, muscles and joints. Helping you feel better at work or at play, every day.  It’s been around and the older I get the more I understand why.  Find one for your ‘favorite ache’ at

Chiropractors – my personal favorite Dr. Lori  can help increase range of motion.  This is crucial for most sports in general.  When your pain in the neck, back, hips, or knees get the better of you, it’s time to see a specialist.  To keep from changing your gait or giving up on the fun, check out how much a chiropractor can do for you.  You may even notice a reduction in blood pressure. How about that.