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Review: ChirpingBirdie

The Great Reviews Keep Coming In!


Another of the many nice things that has happened to Chilly Cheeks over the past few months is that the great reviews about our products are being published by more and more online websites. Take ChirpingBirdie for one where Lynsey has an online presence that reviews women’s golfing products and happily reviewed The Double Golf Cart Cover this past December.  Lindsey was very thorough in her review and showed her readers how to use it from several different angles.

Here is some of what Lynsey had to say about Chilly Cheeks:

I love that in golf almost anything is possible and there are people smart enough to dream up solutions for the common golfer problems.  If you’re anything like me I’m ALWAYS cold… regardless of the fact that I live in sunny Southern California.  That being said, it still gets chilly in the mornings sometimes and if you’re out in the desert, even more so!  Anywhere in the world though, there are going to be those days on the golf course that you wish you were a little warmer or even a little cooler.

Read all of Lynsey’s review of Chilly Cheeks by going to her website here:  ChirpingBirdie.

To get your Double Golf Cart Seat go to our website here:  Double Golf Cart Seat

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