Includes: 40 DrvsSeat2pkt + 100 flyers

The Sling × 40

Hello comfort!  This Chilly Cheeks seat cools/warms your seat and back while you drive in more comfort.  Warm with a microwaved or cool with frozen gel packs.  Fits bucket-style seats and perfect for boats, jeeps, four-wheelers, and more. Perfect for truck drivers who want comfort their way.

Party in the parking lot and support your favorite team in total comfort.  You'll use this camp chair seat cover all year long!  Easy to carry and so simple to use.  Get yours today.  Recommended: order the cooling mats for mid-season comfort or long-haul drives too!  Plus, on-line orders receive 2 free cooling mats.  What's not to love?!

Includes: FREE SHIPPING - One two-pocket compact seat cover, 2 gel packs, 2 insulation pads, instructions

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Includes: 40 DrvsSeat2pkt + 100 flyers

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