Better Golf – No Practice Required

Spring golfing is so exciting!  I love getting back out for the first round of the season.  Everything is so hopeful and I’m not yet frustrated with my swing.  That said, the ground is wet and the conditions aren’t necessarily idea.  Here are some of my favorite things to use to make those initial rounds... Read More

Cool Moms and Sporty Kids

I want my kids to be close and support one another.  That’s why I take them to one another’s activities.  Well, that and the fact that I don’t have a nanny, but you know.  I also want to show up looking like I know what I’m doing… a reasonably ‘together mom’ who looks happy to... Read More

Turn Fundraising on its Rear!

Literally. Chilly Cheeks has the perfect solution for your next fundraiser.  No money down, no inventory, and the easiest sale ever.  Offer comfort up for sale with your own coupon code and watch the money roll in. Chilly Cheeks is the outdoor seat cover that cools when it’s hot and warms when it’s not. Three... Read More

Save a Life!

As the nurse said to me upon his return. “It seems that Cold Blankets is the product you don’t need…until you need it.”  It is a lot like having a heart defibrillator on-hand, there when you need it to save a life. This summer; thousands of sports tournaments around the country were played. Whatever the... Read More

Keeping Canadians Cozy

Chilly Cheeks is getting quite a name for itself in Texas and Florida as the coolest thing in outdoor comfort.  We spent the summer chilling the cheeks of soccer moms, boaters, and avid golfers as the temperatures soared.  And from Minnesota to Michigan, golfers know that Chilly Cheeks seat covers will extend the fun from... Read More

Medical Essential

“Your product is absolutely essential for me. I have been diagnosed with sciatica nerve pain and piriformis muscle pain.  Your product Chilly Cheeks used cold is the only thing that allows me to reduce my pain while sitting.  I use them every day and night.  My husband also uses these to relieve his back pain. ... Read More


Although you pay to play, you are not buying the golf course, you are renting each hole for no more than 15 minutes, tops! If there is more than a hole between your group and the group in front of you, then you are playing too slow.  Take responsibility. Suggestions for playing Ready Golf  Be... Read More

How Chilly Cheeks landed at The Masters

As always when you take a chance in life, good things happened.  This year, a great thing happened when I decided to attend the PGA Show in Orlando.  I forced myself to walk around at the off-site demo day venue.  It’s not my favorite thing to do but, I was there, not exactly interactive but... Read More