Medical Essential

“Your product is absolutely essential for me. I have been diagnosed with sciatica nerve pain and piriformis muscle pain.  Your product Chilly Cheeks used cold is the only thing that allows me to reduce my pain while sitting.  I use them every day and night.  My husband also uses these to relieve his back pain. ... Read More


Although you pay to play, you are not buying the golf course, you are renting each hole for no more than 15 minutes, tops! If there is more than a hole between your group and the group in front of you, then you are playing too slow.  Take responsibility. Suggestions for playing Ready Golf  Be... Read More

How Chilly Cheeks landed at The Masters

As always when you take a chance in life, good things happened.  This year, a great thing happened when I decided to attend the PGA Show in Orlando.  I forced myself to walk around at the off-site demo day venue.  It’s not my favorite thing to do but, I was there, not exactly interactive but... Read More

E-Southerngolfzine.com Review of Chilly Cheeks

  Alan Darty of eSouthernGOLFzine stopped by our booth at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show and loved our Chilly Cheeks products.  Today he also gave us a glowing review in eSouthernGOLFzine, the Online Magazine.  eSouthernGOLFzine.com, is the Southeast’s #1 online digital magazine for everything golf. They keep golfers up to date on news and reviews on... Read More

The Great Reviews Keep Coming In!

Another of the many nice things that has happened to Chilly Cheeks over the past few months is that the great reviews about our products are being published by more and more online websites. Take ChirpingBirdie for one where Lynsey has an online presence that reviews women’s golfing products and happily reviewed The Double Golf Cart... Read More

VGA 2015 Winner and Chilly Cheeks

At last week’s 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, Kate Green (in green) from Chilly Cheeks had the pleasure of having the 2015 Women’s VGA Champion, Kristine Engelhaupt (in red) stop by our booth. Kristine is a proud member of Veteran’s Golfers Association whose mission is committed to promoting the game of golf to veterans and their family members. The... Read More