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How Chilly Cheeks landed at The Masters

As always when you take a chance in life, good things happened.  This year, a great thing happened when I decided to attend the PGA Show in Orlando.  I forced myself to walk around at the off-site demo day venue.  It’s not my favorite thing to do but, I was there, not exactly interactive but I was there!  The usual suspects had tents and I made the rounds.  It was much as I expected, nothing new in golf.

The shuttle buses were lined up and ready to hit the road back to the Orlando Conference Center and I took a shot at catching the first bus in line.  Since it was just me, the driver motioned me on and I headed down the aisle as he hit the gas.  My friend’s back home called and happy hour loomed large.

The guy in the adjacent seat was on the phone, “oh, a chat-free ride!”  But as it turned out, I sat down next to Frank Bassett, the Frank Bassett of Golf Talk America.  He asked me if I’d seen anything interesting at demo day and I replied, nothing as cool as Chilly Cheeks.  I handed him a brochure and that got him talking.  “I haven’t seen anything like this before,” “how long do they last?” and my favorite question; “where can I get one?”  The guy on the other side of the aisle piped up and said that they have those on all the carts at his golf club.  “We love them” he said.  How fortuitous and how cool is that!  From behind Frank, Marcus speaks up and says, “we have a hospitality house at The Masters, would you bring some for us to use this year as we ferry folks up to the course?” Well, of course I would do that!  The Masters!  Yes.

So, as always when you take a chance in life… I showed up at the Azalea Hospitality House during Masters week and good things happened.  Get up, get out there… good things will happen!