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Although you pay to play, you are not buying the golf course, you are renting each hole for no more than 15 minutes, tops!

If there is more than a hole between your group and the group in front of you, then you are playing too slow.  Take responsibility.

Suggestions for playing Ready Golf 

Be ready to hit on the tee box as soon as possible. (order doesn’t matter, if you’re ready get up there and hit)

You are at your ball ready to hit when it is your turn.

Help each other spot the ball so you spend less than 2-3 minutes looking for balls.  (if you don’t think this is long enough, actually sit and clock 3 minutes sometime, it’s longer than you think)

As you approach your ball decide the club you need to use and then have it ready.

If it is cart path only, take 2 or more clubs with you so you are not walking back to get another club.

If you are looking for a lost ball, have a ball ready to drop in case the first is not found.

The player furthest from the hole should putt first whether on the green or fringe.

If you take more than your putter to the green, keep it between you and the cart so you are ready to exit the green.

Read your putt while others are putting (as long as you are not in their line) so you are ready to putt when it is your time.

After finishing putting, move to the next hole and record scores there while others are teeing off.

Catch up with your friends’ stories at lunch afterward, not while we are waiting for you to hit your ball.

If you feel it’s necessary to keep taking off and putting on your club head covers every single time you hit, do not keep your playing partners waiting while you do this.  Move on and do it at a convenient time, when not holding up play.

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