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5 Golf Cart Accessories you’ll love!

Got a Golf Cart – You will want these 5 accessories and here’s why.

Cart Buddy – Save your hips and look good doing it too.  This simple-to-install, padded arm rest cover absorbs the shock of rough terrain on and off the course.  Improves the look of your cart too. cart-buddy.com

Climate Caddy, the Season Extender, is an innovative heater and fan for 48V Electric Golf Carts.  Using new patent pending technology, the Climate Caddy offers maximum heat and cooling without the battery drain of a traditional electric heater. Play 18 holes in comfort without killing the battery! www.climatecaddy.com

Chilly Cheeks Seat Covers cool or warm and save wear and tear on your seats.  Protect them from sun and moisture while keeping you comfortable.  These seat covers include an oversized gel pack that can be frozen or microwaved, then added to the seat cover pocket for hours of cooling or warming comfort.  Leave the gel pack behind when the temperatures are just right and enjoy cushioned comfort that looks as good as it feels. Right now you can score a 10% discount off your first Chilly Cheeks purchase here: chillycheeks.com


Coolshot Windscreen allow for more airflow and less glare.  Replacing your windshield means no more scratches and less distractions.  The glare reduction alone is worth the effort to install one of these today. Never let them see you sweat. http://www.coolshotwindscreen.com

Frogger Phone Latch-It – Phone Latch-It securely attaches your smart phone to golf carts for easy access. Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology to provide the ultimate in secure convenience with powerful self-aligning magnets, a dynamic lock for motion, and a roto lock for security. Frogger Golf helps you manage your important gear.one less thing to worry about. www.froggergolf.com

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