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Cool Moms and Sporty Kids

I want my kids to be close and support one another.  That’s why I take them to one another’s activities.  Well, that and the fact that I don’t have a nanny, but you know.  I also want to show up looking like I know what I’m doing… a reasonably ‘together mom’ who looks happy to be with her kids and her kids seem mostly content.  But to be honest, these past couple of years it’s a struggle just to get there on time.  This year, I’m vowing to take a couple extra steps toward a more relaxed and happy approach to game days and beyond.  Here are a couple of things I plan to tote along to ensure a more chill experience for everyone involved.

Demco Shade ShackDemco Shade Shack – This thing really just pops up and is easy to carry.  No amount of sunscreen can really do the trick when you’re outdoors all afternoon.  Shade is a must and hard to come by on open fields at ball parks.  The best thing about this model, besides how easily it pops-up, is that you can open the back to take advantage of a breeze.  It’s hard to beat the heat when you’ve got hot bodies camped out in a small enclosure with you.  This one provides the shade and the open air required to sit through any number of games.  www.demcoincorporated.com


Coleman CoolerColeman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler – I’ve tried lifting a regular cooler when it’s full.  I’m not a whimp but honestly, I can’t keep doing that! This one will serve as a way to wheel all the rest of my listed ‘oh-so-easy-mom’ ingredients to the sidelines. Large enough to get through the day with hungry and thirsty kids but not so big that I feel like I’m going camping.  www.coleman.com



Chilly Cheeks Seat CoversChilly Cheeks Seat Covers – These seat covers/bleacher pads will make or break your day!  When the other kids just want to go home and it’s not even half-time, you’ll be glad for these little ‘seaties.’  They make hot days bearable and cold days about ten times more comfortable.  Check them out at their easy to use on-line store.  You might spy them on zulily.com from time to time at a ridiculously low price.  I promise that whatever you pay, these seat covers will pay you back.  Right now you can score a 10% discount off your first Chilly Cheeks purchase here: www.chillycheeks.com


Eco Green bagsProduce Bags – Yep, you read that right.  Since I’m still too (insert yours here) “lazy, stressed, focused on my kids” to use them for their original purpose, this year I’m packing one up with spray-on-sunscreen; cheap sunglasses; and a couple of ball caps for the kids.  I’ll just leave it packed in the cooler so I don’t even have to think about these things.  Ideally, everything will go right back into the bag when we pack up to leave so it’s there for the next game.  www.ecobags.com

So wish me luck and I hope you find something here that will make showing up on time look effortless.

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