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Better Golf – No Practice Required

Spring golfing is so exciting!  I love getting back out for the first round of the season.  Everything is so hopeful and I’m not yet frustrated with my swing.  That said, the ground is wet and the conditions aren’t necessarily idea.  Here are some of my favorite things to use to make those initial rounds more fun.

Grip Dry is a little gadget that is so lightweight and easy to use that you’ll carry it all year long.  It props your clubs up off the grass.  So your grips and your hands stay dry.  Plus, since your extra clubs are propped up, you’re less likely to leave them behind.  gripdry.com


Frogger Latch-It Set – This is so cool.  Powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology, Latch-It allows you fasten, detach and reconnect your towel and brush to your golf bag for convenient access anywhere. This is about the only time of year where I’m lost without a towel and something to clean the mud off my clubs.  The rest of the year, I’m just sitting pretty in the fairway.  Froggergolf.com



Chilly Cheeks Seat Covers – These little gems will change your life.  I’m not kidding.  Everyone plays more when the temperatures are just right – except they are only ‘just right’ about 10% of the time. These portable seat covers cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not!  They last hot or cold for an entire round.  Tip – you’ll use them off the course too.  Right now you can score a 10% discount off your first Chilly Cheeks purchase here: chillycheeks.com


Spider divot tool – This thing rocks!  I’m never too sure how to properly fix my divots on the off chance that my ball actually lands on the green and leaves a mark.  The spring is when I notice mine and others the most.  This handy tool is as easy as uncap, stick it in the ground and pull up. And, since it has a cap, your pocket doesn’t collect dirt along the way. Instagolf.net


X Marks the Putt – This is handy and new to me.  It’s like a magic marker for grass. I like it because it means never having to move my ball mark.  How cool is that.  While it does work on wet grass; if it’s raining you will need to resort to your old marker.  Or, go have a beer!  Spring is here. xmarkstheputt.com


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